Is your child’s attention span about a minute long? Puzzles can help building concentration muscle in their brains

Child development experts say you can expect your little one to concentrate for about 2-5 minutes times their age. That means a 3-year-old might be able to concentrate on a task for 6 to 15 minutes while a 4-year-old might last 8 to 20 minutes.

And you know what, puzzles are such perfect tools to build those concentration muscles in kids.

Paying attention includes possessing the ability to focus on one thing for a sustained period of time. Working on a puzzle until completion does give kids the chance to work on one task, uninterrupted.

It’s inevitable sometimes that kids need some support to be able to solve a puzzle. If that sounds like your little one:

  • You can start by assembling the puzzle with them or offering some verbal guidance.
  • Then, as your kid builds their skills, try to gradually decrease your intervention.
  • Eventually, you should be able to sit nearby and just watch as they concentrate without your assistance.